Opinion: What we can do to help during times of drought

TOUGH TIMES: A drover moves a herd of cattle along the dry roadside near Gunnedah. Photo: Billy Jupp
TOUGH TIMES: A drover moves a herd of cattle along the dry roadside near Gunnedah. Photo: Billy Jupp

LIVING in the Australian bush means that times of drought are an unfortunate certainty. 

From rationing water to watching stock sold off because they can’t be fed any longer, drought periods bring a heavy toll to all of us living in regional Australia.

However, there is something very different about what is currently facing producers in our region.

Recently we have been told countless times that “things are as bad as I can remember” or “this is worse than the droughts of the 1960’s”.

This then begs the question on the lips of most of us. What can we do to help?

True we cannot summon rain, we are after all only human.

However there are several small things everyone of us can do to help ease the burden on our local drought stricken producers.

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Organisations such as Aussie Helpers are currently doing as much as they can to deliver household goods and fodder to farmers all around the state and are always looking for donations.

Simple things such as toiletries and canned foods, which are often the first items struggling farmers feel they can do without go such a long way.

There is also a number of ‘Doing it for our farmers’ donation points around our region, all gratefully accepting of any donation big or small.

While items such as razors, deodorant and nappies may not sounds glamorous or like they are a quick fix, they do however buy our farmers a little bit more precious time to continue to do as they have always done, hang in there. With 70 per cent of the North West in drought or at the onset of drought, having a voice on drought relief has never been more important.

This is where Fairfax Media’s petition to call on the government for more drought support comes into play.

By signing the petition we can signal to our government that we are behind our farmers and that the feeling of inaction on the government’s behalf has gone on too long.

Along with petitions, donations and support there is a simple step we can all take on the road to help out.

By continuing to be mindful of drovers and herds on our roads we can ensure that these hard workers will only be contending with the drought and no further risks.

With these steps and our support we really can be one day closer to rain.


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