Namoi Valley Independent
The Namoi Valley Independent is a rural, bi-weekly community newspaper with a proud 135-year history.

It covers the township of Gunnedah and surrounding villages and districts, with an average circulation of 4000.

The paper's mission is to provide the Gunnedah community with news of local and regional importance, comment on local events and provides editorial leadership on community issues.

The Namoi Valley Independent has a strong reputation for having an independent voice that reports without bias, fear or favour, covering the key issues affecting the Namoi Valley.

It prides itself on presenting balanced, current news stories and building relationships with the community, while maintaining its own integrity. This has led to a long-running trust with its readers.

The Namoi Valley Independent also wants to see the community prosper. It is committed to supporting a flourishing rural community, fostering the development of the town and improvement in facilities and opportunities in all sectors. The paper also goes out of its way to nurture hopes and aspirations of young members of the community.

The Independent staff aim to produce a newspaper which treats its readership with respect, while delivering a high-quality (in terms of content and presentation) product to the Gunnedah community.