Gunnedah Cattle Sale: Numbers down at saleyards

Weather takes its toll: There was strong demand but limited supplies of yearlings at the Gunnedah sale.
Weather takes its toll: There was strong demand but limited supplies of yearlings at the Gunnedah sale.

There was a yarding of 3390 at the May 15 Gunnedah cattle sale, a reduction in numbers of 1100 head.

Vealers suitable to restock and feed were plentiful, however those good enough for the butcher orders were limited in number.

Once again, there was a large penning of cows as producers offload core breeders in the face of the worsening drought with no break in sight. There were limited supplies of yearlings and grown cattle.

Overall, the quality of the offering was quite good, however the condition varied greatly. The usual buyers were in attendance along with a new southern trade and feedlot operator.

Demand increased and competition was stronger through most of the young cattle. Medium weight vealer steers to restockers saw a firm to slightly cheaper market trend. The heavier weights to restock and feed saw a firm to dearer market trend.

The heifer portion followed a similar trend, with those to the local butchers posting strong price gains. The limited supply of yearling steers saw the medium weights up to 20c/kg cheaper with quality a factor. There were insufficient heavy feeders to quote.

Heavy yearling heifers saw the benefit of the extra competition selling to a dearer trend. The light and medium weights struggled to maintain last week’s levels.

The limited supplies of well-finished grown steers sold to a dearer trend with quality varying a little. Medium weight cows sold to a slightly dearer trend, while the well-finished heavy weights remained firm. There were odd pens of heavily muscled cows that attracted premiums greater than the previous sale.

Vealer Steer

0-200kg RS C2 257c RS D1 214c RS D2 226c

200-280kg FD C2 285c C2 225c RS C2 251.5c RS D2 238c

280-330kg FD C2 285.2c C2 284c RS C2 265.8c C3  275c

330kg+ FD C2 303c RS C2 288.9c C3 270c

Vealer Heifer

0-200kg C2 216.8c RS C2 208.5 RS D2 221.5c

200-280kg RS C2 230.6c C2 236.3c C3 270c

280-330kg C2 266.5c FD C2 248.5 RS C2 240c C3 263c

330kg+ C3 249c

Yearling Steer

330-400kg FD C2 261.3 RS C2 273c

400kg+ FD C2 271.2 C2 275c

Yearling Heifer

280-330kg RS C2 219.7c

C3 245c RS D2 230c

330-400kg FD C2 236c RS C2 235c FD C3 249c C3 270c D2 151c

400kg+ FD C2 258.5c FD C3 248.2c C4 233c

Grown Steer

400-500kg FD C2 248c RS C2 233.5c

500-600kg RS C2 241c FD C2 246c C3 256c

600-750kg C3 263c

Grown Heifer

0-540kg RS C2 230c FD C2 216.3 C2 184.6c C3 237.4c C4 239c FD D2 173c RS D2 120c FD D3 185c D3 185c

540kg+ C3 149c


0-400kg D1 103.2c RS D2 132c

400-520kg D1 109.2c D2 140.6c RS D2 133c D3 165.3c

520kg+ C3 212.3c RS D2 140c D2 172c D3 182.6c D4 187.3c D5 162.4c


0-450kg C2 192c RS C2 248c

450-600kg C2 200c

600kg+ B2 216.1c C2 203.4c