Editorial | The dark reality of animal cruelty in town

One of the Koolie rescues who has been rehomed.
One of the Koolie rescues who has been rehomed.

In the darkest of times, hope can still shine through.

Through the work of Australian Koolie Rescue, 17 mistreated Koolie dogs from a Gunnedah property are now residing in loving homes.

It will be a long road for the dogs, which were exposed to appalling living conditions before being removed by RSPCA NSW.

The dogs have suffered from physical and psychological trauma and will need the patience and compassion of their new owners to rediscover the joys of life.

It is through rescue organisations such as Australian Koolie Rescue that animals can gain a fresh start. Gunnedah has its own dedicated rescue branch – the volunteers of the RSPCA. 

These tireless volunteers have rescued, fed, and cared for thousands of Gunnedah’s animals over the years. Animals from poor conditions, animals who were dumped, animals who were no longer ‘convenient’, and animals who just didn’t have a place with their owners any more. 

Gunnedah RSPCA goes to great lengths to find the right home for each animal, taking into consideration its breed, temperament and history. I have known the members to drive hundreds of kilometres just to meet potential owners. Their dedication to these animals is remarkable.

Not every town has an RSPCA branch like ours – people who put animals first, people who want what’s best for those without a voice.

Gunnedah, don’t abuse this privilege you have. Don’t just think they’re here to clean up after you and take on what should have been your responsibility.

Support your RSPCA, thank the hard-working volunteers who give so much of their time to save animals.

I have the utmost respect for our local RSPCA members. It is through the RSPCA that I met my own much-loved canine companion. They pulled out all stops to put me in touch with her then owner, and within two weeks I was taking her home. 

Those of you who own a former rescue dog know that life wouldn’t be the same without them now. Animals have the ability to bring such joy to the heart, laughter to the lips and fun to our lives. Treasure them, honour them, respect them, care for them.

Be worthy of an animal’s trust, and it will show you a love and loyalty that is unmatched.

To support the Gunnedah RSPCA or adopt a rescue, phone 0419 474 689.


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