2017 Carp We Don’t Keepit Fishing competition ramps up

Organisers of the 2017 Carp We Don’t Keepit Fishing Competition are hoping to match last year’s one tonne fish haul.

This will be the second carp muster hosted by Lake Keepit Family Fishing Club and Tamworth’s The Pub Angling Club which aims to remove as many of the pest fish as possible from the dam.

Event co-ordinator Anne Michie said the weekend is a great opportunity for community to learn more about the carp control program and carp impact on native fish habitat.

Thousands of dollars in prizes and giveaways are offer at the event which also features a barbecue breakfast and lunch.

Registration at Keepit fishing clubhouse starts Saturday, April 15th from 9am to 3pm and Sunday, April 16 from 8.30am to 12pm. Final weigh in for fishing competition is 12pm followed by presentation at 1pm.

Only legal fishing methods can be used during the event and NSW Fishing Rules apply. Every carp that is caught and weighed in will give anglers a chance of going in the draw to take home a prize. Category prizes include the biggest carp caught, mystery weight and length, and prizes for junior and overall categories. For further details email: carponkeepit@gmail.com