Gunnedah's Jake and Jaron Vigor launch new restaurant J&J Eats

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Jake and Jaron Vigor are giving their new businesses J&J Eats everything they have. Photo: Ben Jaffery
OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Jake and Jaron Vigor are giving their new businesses J&J Eats everything they have. Photo: Ben Jaffery

THE dream of owning your own restaurant is one shared by many around the world but not often achieved.

To own one with your brother is an even more unique goal that is now being realised by Gunnedah brothers Jake and Jaron Vigor.

The two locals have put it all out there with their new business J&J Eats and along with their family will be doing everything they can to see it succeed.

Jake told The Namoi Valley Independent he and his brother had often discussed going into business together.

“It’s going to be pretty exciting to see where it goes,” he said.

“Jaron and I had often discussed going into some sort of business together and it did take a little while for us to really figure out exactly what we wanted to do.

“We sat down and had a think about all of the different quality restaurants that are in Gunnedah already and we sort of arrived at the conclusion that there wasn’t anywhere really selling kebabs and that might be something we could do.

“Several months later here we are, giving it a go with a restaurant.” 

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Gunnedah Chamber of Commerce and Business’s Michael Broekman said the chamber was pleased to see the brothers going into business together.

“Starting a new business in today’s modern society is not always easy,” Mr Broekman said.

“It’s terrific to see these young guys getting out there and making a go of it.

“Whether they become members of the chamber or not, we are always there for their best interests and our arm of friendship is always happy to extend out to any local business that needs it.”

Jake said he was excited for the challenge of owning a restaurant for the first time.

“We are under no illusions, we know it’s going to be really hard work,” he said.

“But, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun as well, we are a pretty close family and working together and for each other should be good.”

The former Gunnedah High School student said the brothers would apply for a late night trading licence.

“As well as kebabs we are hoping to offer a pretty diverse range of food such as burgers, seafood and kebabs,” he said.

“We are also hoping to apply for a late night licence so that we can stay open late and serve food late on weekends and hopefully attract some of the late night crowd.

“Hopefully we will be successful and deliver the community some quality food."

J&J eats is located on Conadilly Street and is open from May 14.