Local Rotary Clubs hosts model United Nations weekend

STUDENTS from across the state’s North West gathered in Gunnedah over the weekend to take part in a model United Nations event.

More than 40 students from areas such as Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Taree gathered at the Gunnedah town hall for the event hosted by several Rotary Clubs from around the district.

During the event, students dressed up in outfits to reflect the country they were representing and discussed several important world issues such as economics, trade and immigration. 

Rotary Club of Gunnedah president Wendy Marsh said the all of the clubs had put a lot of effort into hosting the event.

“It was a terrific event, the students were just outstanding,” Ms Marsh said.

“We had successfully nominated to hold the event in September last year and ever since there has been a lot of work and hours go into pulling it all together.”

Ms Marsh said the event followed the structure of a real United Nations meeting very closely.

“So all up we had 44 students and their councilors represent 22 nations,” she said.

“Each team was given allocated resolutions to discuss and the idea was to try and model the meeting as closely to the real thing as possible.

“Of course there was plenty of opportunities for fun and jokes for the kids though.”

The club president said Gunnedah was in line to host the event again next year.

“Normally the event would be held on the coast and this year was our first opportunity to hold it,” she said.

“We have been given the chance to hold it again next year and given how well this year’s event ran it’s fair to say we are really looking forward to it.”

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Gunnedah mayor Jamie Chaffey was on hand to oversee the event as a secretary general and said the performance of the students was of a high quality.

“It was an awesome event,” Cr Chaffey said.

“For me, it was terrific to see kids come to Gunnedah from all over and put on such high quality performances with their public speaking.”

Ms Marsh said the event would not have been possible without the efforts of several club members from the different clubs.

“What I think was great to see was seeing the students being billeted with not only Rotary members but also other members of the community as well,” she said.

“It shows a strong community spirit in Gunnedah and surrounds and really helped the event run smoothly.

“But these kinds of events don’t just happen so I must thank in particular Pat Walls who put in so many hours and spearheaded the event from start to finish, Kel Walls, Rod Brown, Rob Renniger, Natalie Brooks and Sewa Emojong.

“Without them this event would not have happened so it’s a big thanks from me.”

The Rotary Club of Gunnedah will now look forward to attending the Rotary district assembly on Saturday, May 26.