Local SES crews respond to 20 call outs in Gunnedah and Boggabri over the weekend

State Emergency Service (SES) crews were kept busy throughout the weekend due to wild weather.

Residents across the region were caught in the wake of the storm with local SES crews attending to five incidents in Gunnedah and 15 in Boggabri.

SES Namoi, Northwest acting controller Katrina Davis told The Namoi Valley Independent crews are continuing to attend call outs.

“Across the whole Northwest-New England region, we received 30 call outs across the weekend,” Ms Davis said.

“Crews will be completing the last two jobs in Boggabri and Gunnedah today (Monday) with such a large area to cover and with so many calls for assistance it has taken a few days to get on top of everything.

“Most of the Gunnedah crew’s jobs were in town but we had jobs as far away as Keepit Dam which kept at least one crew busy.”

Ms Davis said majority of the calls for assistance were to residences.

“Majority of the damage we attended over the weekend was caused by fallen trees,” she said.

“Most of the call outs were to residences however the facade of the museum in Boggabri was damaged and we attended that call.

“The strong winds were a contributing factor in causing the fallen trees, a problem we saw throughout the region.”

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The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a dry week for Gunnedah with an 80 per cent chance of rain on Friday and 50 per cent chance of rain on Saturday.  

“It’s important for people to be prepared for wild weather,” Ms Davis said.

“More storm activity is predicted for early next week, so residents should take the time to prepare.

“Keeping gutters clean to prevent a water back log is a great first step in preparing for winter and of course keeping vehicles under cover during storms is advisable as well.

“Of course if anyone ever needs help they can call their local SES on 132 500.”