The winners of Gunnedah's art and photography competitions

The art and photography pavilion was packed to the ceiling on its opening night.

The cocktail night on Friday kick-started the Gunnedah Show, with a crowd gathering to view the works of local artists and photographers and hear the announcement of the winners. The winners of the showgirl competition were also announced.

Photography convenor Kellee Clark said there were 586 photography entries this year with Tamworth snapper Digby Brown judging the works.

“We had entries come from as far as Newcastle, from all the outlying areas, as well as Tamworth, Gunnedah and Narrabri,” Mrs Clark said.

“The quality of the photography was amazing and it was very difficult for him in some sections to pick a first place.

“Gunnedah just keeps improving every time.”

Blackjack Camera Club’s Margaret Carr came out of top, claiming the title of grand champion with her photo “Wet and grumpy”. Ms Carr was awarded the Chris Burgess Memorial trophy, which was designed by Ms Clark and featured one of Mr Burgess’ beloved cameras.

Mr Burgess was a long-time convenor of the photography section and the award was created following his death last year. His family members Belinda Barrow and Chris Mammen presented the award to Ms Carr who is the first recipient. Ms Clark said it was a “very special” moment.

It was Mrs Clark’s first year as convenor of the photography section, with a number of changes put in place, including the introduction a novice section, which “proved to be a good thing”.

Grand champion in the art competition was Emily Simson with her work, Overtaking Lane. This year’s judge was Frances Feasey from the Blue Mountains. Ms Feasey was unable to be there on the night but recorded the following comments about Ms Simson’s work:

“This work stood out for me the strongest as soon as I walked in the gallery space,” Ms Feasey wrote.

“The sense of depth, competent and confident mark-making and soft tones really make for a beautiful and successful work.”

Art convenor Maree Kelly said there were more than 200 entries, with only four or more artists who weren’t from the district.

“We have an amazing exhibition of mainly local talent, which is fabulous,” she said on the night.

“Some artists were entering for the first time – we had quite a lot - and that really makes me happy that people are coming in, and we have such a vibrant art community in Gunnedah.”

Gunnedah Show Society president Rob Witts said the annual art and photography event was a “great night”.

“It’s a great starter for the show - it gives people a taste of it,” he said.

“I think that since that night has been going, attendance at the show has increased.”


Art results

GRAND CHAMPION | Chosen from all sections

214 – ‘Overtaking Lane’ by Emily Simson

SECTION 1: PAINTING | Any subject, any painting medium including oils, acrylics, watercolour etc

  • 1st Prize                150 – ‘Evening Shadows’ by Shirley Urquhart
  • 2nd Prize               127 – ‘River’ by Tara Jones
  • HC                         134 – ‘Bendemeer Creek’ by Anne Pickett
  • HC                         135 – ‘Still Life with Hydrangeas and Oranges’ by Fonda Rowland

SECTION 2: DRAWING | Any subject, any drawing technique including pencil, pen, pastels, etc

  • 1st Prize                223 – ‘Thinking’ by Nina Stirton
  • 2nd Prize               201 – ‘Elliot Falls’ by Louise Baker
  • HC                         209 – ‘Glance’ by Tara Jones
  • HC                         225 – ‘Newspaper Bouquet’ by Sharon Tailby

SECTION 3: PRINT MAKING | Any subject, any printmaking technique including linocut, etching etc

  • 1st Prize                307 – ‘Bees Fabulous Bees’ by Kristie Farquhar
  • 2nd Prize               302 – ‘Bull in China Shop’ by Jude Appleyard
  • HC                         311- ‘Treetops Bridle Track’ by Emily Simson
  • HC                         315 – ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ by Dawn Whitton

SECTION 4: SCULPTURE | Any subject or medium, 3D artworks

  • 1st Prize                404 – ‘Lady in the Forest’ by Julie Laurie
  • 2nd Prize               405 – ‘A Disturbance in the Woods’ by Connor Phillips
  • HC                         401 – ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Christiane Birkett
  • HC                         406 – ‘Sculpture of a Girl’ by Fonda Rowland

SECTION 5: “OUR PLACE”  | Any medium, must reflect a sense of ‘belonging’ the Gunnedah area

  • 1st Prize                515 – ‘A Little Bit of the Namoi’ by Lyn Pratt
  • 2nd Prize               521 – ‘Banks of the Namoi’ by Shirley Urquhart
  • HC                         504 – ‘Ngiyanimgu – Baa’ (Our Place) by Anthony Conlan
  • HC                         510 – ‘Grassfire Down Gunnembene Lane’ by Maree Kelly
  • SECTION 6: CREATIVE POTTERY | Any ceramic work, including hand built and thrown techniques
  • 1st Prize                619 – ‘Pot’ by Annie Simson
  • 2nd Prize               607 – ‘Marine Wave Bowl’ by Louise Chad
  • HC                         610 – ‘Skinny Lizard Pot 2’ by Geoff Dawson
  • HC                         622 – ‘Pot’ by Pat Tobin

SECTION 7: NOVICE | Any subject or medium, artist must not have won a previous art prize

  • 1st Prize                718 – ‘Don’t Know’ by Max Lee
  • 2nd Prize               712 –‘Fishing Village’ by Di Hasler
  • HC                         708 – ‘Reflections’ by Tony Blake
  • HC                         714 – ‘Orca Love’ by Mollie Hatton
  • HC                         720 –‘Jay Bird’ by Fiona MacDougall
  • HC                         707 – ‘Sea Storm’ by Christiane Birkett

SECTION 8: UNDER 18 YEARS | Any subject or medium, must be under 18 years

  • 1st Prize                811 – ‘Butterfly Magic’ by Olivia Gavel
  • 2nd Prize               814 – ‘Baby Face’ by Mollie Hatton
  • HC                         821 – ‘Loz 2’ by Lauren Miller
  • HC                         813 – ‘Almost Home’ by Sarah Hargraves
  • HC                         815 – ‘Landscape’ by Elise Hunt
  • HC                         822 – ‘Loz 3’ by Lauren Miller
  • HC                         819 – ‘Rhino’ by Lauren Miller

Photography results

  • Grand Champion:  Marg Carr  “Wet & grumpy” (Chris Burgess Memorial)
  • Reserve Champion: Marg Carr “Mubbles”
  • Best Black & White: Jill Smith “Light play”
  • Best Colour: Marg Carr “Wet & grumpy”
  • Best Local Event/Scene: Hayley Hausfeld “Baton relay”
  • Best Koala Image: Angela McCormack
  • Best Junior Entry: Rosie Snape “The jeweller”
  • Most Successful Exhibitor: Marg Carr
  • Most Successful Junior Exhibitor: Rosie Snape
  • Most Successful Novice: Rachel Peek
  • Best photo taken at a previous Gunnedah Show:  1st Roxanne Milne, 2nd Nick Jones, HC Roxanne Milne & Hayley Hausfeld
  • Themed section – Macro:  1st Stuart Dolbel, 2nd Jodi Dolbel, HC Alyssa Barwick, Marg Carr (2 entries)

Black & White section

  • People (single or group): 1st Marg Carr, 2nd Jenny Norris, HC Elizabeth Emmerson (2 entries) & Hayley Hausfeld
  • All creatures great & small: 1st Hayley Hausfeld, 2nd Marg Carr, HC Hope Phillips & Jodi Dolbel
  • Landscape/Waterscape: 1st Jodi Dolbel, 2nd Jodie Clayton
  • Rural: 1st Marg Carr, 2nd Hayley Hausfeld, HC Jodi Dolbel & Hayley Hausfeld
  • Any subject not mentioned: 1st Alyssa Barwick, 2nd Jenny Norris, HC Marg Carr & Hayley Hausfeld

Colour Section

  • People (single or group): 1st Marg Carr, 2nd Alyssa Barwick, HC Jill Smith, Alison Brand, Nick Jones (2 entries), Marie Low
  • All creatures great & small: 1st Marg Carr, 2nd Jill Smith, HC Roxanne Milne, Rachel Peek & Alison Brand
  • Action: 1st Alyssa Barwick, 2nd April Jaeger, HC Pat Timmins, Jill Smith & Hayley Hausfeld
  • Sunrise/Sunset/Clouds: 1st Jenny Norris, 2nd Marie Low, HC Judi Swain, Roxanne Milne & Hope Phillips
  • Landscape/Waterscape: 1st Hope Phillips, 2nd Roxanne Milne, HC Madeline Mainey
  • Any other subject not mentioned: 1st Jill Smith, 2nd Jill Smith, HC Alyssa Barwick, Rachel Peek, Jodi Dolbel & Pat Timmins

Colour & Black & White: Special Interest Section

  • Pattern & Texture: 1st Jill Smith, 2nd Marg Carr, HC Roxanne Milne, Alyssa Barwick & Rachel Peek
  • Photo taken with a phone: 1st Hayley Hausfeld, 2nd Alyssa Barwick, HC Debbie Thompson, Alana Hunter & Jodi Dolbel
  • Reflections: 1st Judy Orman, 2nd Marg Carr, HC Rachel Peek & Jill Smith
  • Pets: 1st Mary Cadell, 2nd Alyssa Barwick, HC Roxanne Milne & Marg Carr
  • Silhouette: 1st Elizabeth Emmerson, 2nd Ashley Gardner, HC Pat Timmins & Jodi Dolbel
  • Local Scene, Local Event & Koala Section:
  • Local event/scene: 1st Hayley Hausfeld, 2nd Nick Jones, HC Violet King & Mary Cadell
  • Koala: 1st Angela McCormack, 2nd Serena Jaeger, HC Jodi Dolbel & Debbie Thompson
  • Local Identity: 1st Jodi Dolbel, 2nd Marg Carr, HC Judi Swain & Hayley Hausfeld

Junior/Intermediate (under 18 years)

  • My Pet: 1st  Rosie Snape, 2nd Jayde Emmerson, HC Serena Jaeger (2 entries), Jayde Emmerson, Darcy Kelly, Marney Jones & Michelle Jonker
  • Land/Waterscape: 1st Kate Brand, 2nd Phoebe Sumpter, HC Darcy Kelly, Rosie Snape, Michelle Jonker, Kate Brand, Phoebe Sumpter, Serena Jaeger & Isabella Jaeger Bergamo
  • Sunrise/Sunset/Clouds: 1st Ruby Clayton, 2nd Serena Jaeger
  • Plants/Flowers: 1st Dakota Milne, 2nd Ruby Clayton, HC Serena Jaeger (2 entries), Phoebe Sumpter, Isabella Jaeger Bergamo, Hailee Orman & Addison Black
  • People Studies: 1st Rosie Snape, Equal 2nd Darcy Kelly & Rosie Snape, HC Dakota Milne, Phoebe Sumpter (2 entries), Jayde Emmerson, Darcy Kelly & Rosie Snape


  • People: 1st Rachel Peek, 2nd Ashley Gardner, HC Kerry Hargraves & Rosie Snape
  • All Creatures Great & Small: 1st Robyn Nowland, 2nd Heather Jaeger, HC Serena Jaeger (2 entries), Rachel Peek (2 entries) & Kerrie Hargraves
  • Flora: 1st Heather Jaeger, 2nd Heather Jaeger, HC Heather Jaeger
  • Action: 1st Michael Egan, 2nd Kerrie Hargraves, HC Rachel Peek & Ron McLean
  • Sunrise/Sunset/Cloud: 1st Rachel Peek, 2nd Kerrie Hargraves, HC Sharon Peters
  • Landscape/Waterscape: 1st Michael Egan, 2nd Rachel Peek, HC Michael Egan
  • Any Other Subject: 1st Michael Egan, 2nd Rosie Snape, HC Sharon Peters
  • Black & White (any subject): 1st Heather Jaeger, 2nd Sharon Peters, HC Heather Jaeger & Rosie Snape