Gunnedah Showgirl competition winners announced

Haylee Murrell is officially the 2018 Gunnedah Showgirl.

The 18-year-old was visibly ecstatic when the announcement was made at the opening of the Art and Photography Pavilion on Friday night. She was sashed by 2017 Gunnedah Showgirl Sophie Clift.

Haylee is the daughter of Wendi and Nathan Murrell and a Year 12 student at Gunnedah High School.

The Gunnedah girl is passionate about agriculture, getting outdoors, fitness, interior design and animals. 

She entered the competition to "help give back to my local community, promote women in agriculture, meet a wider bunch of people and help spread the message of the importance and opportunities in ag to today's youth".

Haylee was one of five senior entrants and four junior entrants. Junior entrant Merryn Riley was absent on the night because of a previous commitment.

Merryn Riley was unable to attend the showgirl announcement.

Merryn Riley was unable to attend the showgirl announcement.

Allison Korn was named 2018 Gunnedah Showgirl Runner-up, Edwina Carrigan was named 2018 Junior Showgirl and Jessica Moore was named 2018 Junior Showgirl Runner-up.

The entrants were judged on their general knowledge, character, speaking ability and knowledge of rural issues. This year’s judges were Caroline Anderson, Juliana McArthur and Tony Blake.