Library Lines: Holiday fun is cool for kids

A thousand tales: Summer fun at the library.

A thousand tales: Summer fun at the library.

If you’re looking for something for your children to do in the long, hot hours, look no further than the library.  

The library has three storytelling and handicraft activities for the younger children up to seven years old on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10.30am. During January, the theme is Game On! - to link in with the Summer Reading Club - an initiative to help children hone their reading skills over the holidays. Ask the library staff for free activity bags. Those with computers can sign in online and be in the running for some fabulous prizes.  

Older children are catered for in the afternoons from 3.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the same Summer Reading Club theme. There are also free activity bags. There is also a  fun project that takes the children all over the library along a running track. 

Storytelling and handicrafts will be held at Curlewis Library each Monday afternoon from 1pm until 3pm. Come along and enjoy.