Lyme Disease Association Australia and CWA Namoi Group held a fashion charity event in Gunnedah to raise awareness for the life changing illness and NSW CWA Medical Research Project 2017

Gunnedah town hall recently played host to all the glitz and glamour of a fashion show.

This was no usual fashion show however.

This show was a charity event centered around raising funds and awareness for the Lyme Disease Association Australia (LDAA) and the NSW, CWA Medical Research Project 2017.

The funds raised are to target research on patients who have been bitten by ticks in Australia and this was recognised in a State Senate inquiry that took place at the beginning of last year.

One of the event organisers Natasha Parish said the event was a great success.

“It really was a great event,” she said.

“Our daughter was bitten by a tick in the Pilliga State Forest in 2011, and came down with flu-like symptoms, with the classic EM rash ( bull`s eye rash), which is a symptom of 35% of people who are bitten by ticks with the lyme-like illness,” she said.

“Luckily 12 months after she was bitten we found a doctor who diagnosed, and treated her for the tick illness, the tick illness was slowly eliminated, but she still battles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other health issues related to having the tick illness.”

Mrs Parish said raising awareness was crucial to ensuring people are aware of the disease.

“Isabelle is one of the lucky ones,as we have heard of others who have been undiagnosed for many years. Isabelle would have probably been in a wheelchair by now if she wasn’t treated,” she said.

“Isabelle is currently a professional model in Sydney, who modeled in the fashion parade at the charity event to create awareness about how dangerous it can be to be bitten by a tick, and not get treated if you have an adverse reaction when first bitten, and she doesn’t want anyone to go through what she went through.”

Mrs Parish also reminded everyone to be aware of lyme disease.

“It`s tick season, so be aware that they are out and about,” she said.

“Cover up in appropriate clothing , apply insect repellent, before going into areas with long grass and bush, and check your whole body for  ticks after you have been in these areas.”

Mrs Parish thanked everyone who helped make the event a success.

“I would like to thank the CWA Namoi Group for their incredible catering and I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and the support they have given for the NSW CWA Medical Research Project 2017 for Lyme Disease Association Australia,” she said.

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