Tough Mudder: Teamwork is key for Battle PT at endurance event

When someone attends a session with Greg Sams at Battle PT, they learn pretty quickly it’s not going to be easy.

“To anyone who hasn't done it before, it’s pretty confronting when you first start out but once you start doing it for a while, it’s not too bad,” Adam Kilmore, who trains at Battle PT, said.

To put it in perspective, Sams’ idea of “going soft” is allowing his students to wear shorts to a session.

It’s tough, no doubt about it, but the hard stance his students reap the benefits and brings the participants together.

This tough attitude has a group from Gunnedah prepared for the Tough Mudder at Glenworth Valley, located 65 kilometres north of Sydney, on November 18.

“I don’t call it brutal, it’s just how we train,” Sams said.

“A lot of people come to us and don’t come back.

“Battle’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

“But the people that do come to me and stick with me, they do benefit.

“Like Carly [Webster], she’s lost about 53 kilos. That’s just from eating healthy and training hard.”

One of the core elements of Gregs’ training in preparation for the Tough Mudder is teamwork.

The group going to Tough Mudder will compete as a team and one simple sentence will be running through everyone’s heads at all times.

“You don’t leave anyone behind,” Lisa Hickman, who trains at Battle PT, said. 

“A few Spartans [obstacle races] we’ve done, we’ve broken off into three groups. Someone might run off to keep warm but you come back and finish together.”

You don’t leave anyone behind.

Lisa Hickman

“The main thing is: it’s a team,” Sams added

“We’re not competitive against the others. We’re not thinking about this other team. We’re just looking to get over the obstacle without getting injured.”

The Tough Mudder is roughly 20 kilometres long with 20-plus obstacles along the way and Sams expects his team to do them all because he knows they all have it in them to do it.

“The other main thing is to do every obstacle,” Sams said.

“You see so many people go ‘it’s too hard’ and walk around it [an obstacle]. That’s not our way.”

The group locked in for the Tough Mudder includes Glenise Anderson, Courtney Grace, Elsie Gretton, Carly Webster, Lisa Hickman, Simon Henderson, Damian Blinman, Jon Gerry, Adam Kilmore and Sams expects a couple more to come on board before the event.


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