Crossroads: Las Vegas mass shooting

As I sit to write this article, I reflect on the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1.

Almost 60 are dead and well over 500 were injured in the tragic event. And as we try to comprehend just what it was that could drive someone to commit such a heinous act of indiscriminate violence, what has really struck me personally has been the stories of some of the victims.

One in particular struck home to me. It was the story of a man who had just taken a selfie with his mate at the concert.

Young men both, having a great time in a huge crowd, smiling and obviously happy, and just moments later one of them lay dead – taken by a bullet to the neck. And this story is not unique.

I wonder, how many of the people attending this music festival ever thought that those moments would be their last on earth? That those songs would be the last they would ever hear, and those faces the last they would ever see? I wonder. I wonder.

It is at times like these that we cannot help but reflect on the fragility of our lives. None of us, old or young, can ever know which breath will be our last.

We can never know when we ourselves will be suddenly face to face with our creator, and the opportunity to choose our eternal destiny will be gone.

The questions that each of us must ask of ourselves are simple but profound - “Am I ready? Am I ready to face my maker and am I ready for my life beyond the grave?”

And these are questions that can only be answered by another one – “Do I know Jesus as my Lord and my Saviour?”

For it is only in Jesus that we can honestly be said to be ‘ready’ for what comes next. Only in Jesus, can our eternity be guaranteed.

So, as you process this tragedy, make sure of your own future as well.

Choose to believe in, love, and serve Jesus, and so be sure that when you time comes, your eternal future will be more glorious than you could ever have imagined.


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