Tennis: Andrew Osmond and Jodie Moore win Gunnedah Club Championships

Jodie Moore served her way to her first Division 1 women’s title for five years while Andrew Osmond won his third straight Division 1 men’s title when the Gunnedah Tennis Club held their championships on the weekend.

Osmond was “just too dominant” committee member Craig Loius said and beat Brian Williams 6-2, 6-1 in Sunday’s final.

“He’s strong and he had too much pace for the other guys,” Loius said.

The 17-year old had a fantastic year on the court and was also awarded the NVI Player of the Year at the presentation following.

It was a big two days with the senior and junior championships both being staged.

“This was the first year we’ve run the juniors on the same weekend as the seniors. We wanted to try and create a bigger event,” Loius said.

Winning shot: Craig Louis reaches for this forehand during his Division 1 men's singles quarter-final against Barry Wilson. Photo: Peter Hardin 160917PHB046

Winning shot: Craig Louis reaches for this forehand during his Division 1 men's singles quarter-final against Barry Wilson. Photo: Peter Hardin 160917PHB046

He said there were “some great three set matches, some upsets and some favourites that got through”.

One of those three setters was the women’s final between Moore and Emily Osmond.

After breezing through the first set, Moore lost the second 6-4 but overcame a fall in the third to clinch title 7-5.

Moore also teamed up with Loius to win the mixed doubles, beating Emily Osmond and Dale Martin in another three setter 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. Loius did the doubles double, combining with Brian Williams to upset two-times reigning champions Osmond and Martin in the men’s doubles.

Osmond and Martin won the first set in a tie-breaker but Loius and Williams took the next two 6-3, 6-1.

The women’s doubles saw Emily Osmond and mother Annette account for Moore and Steph Eveleigh 7-5, 6-3.

Gunnedah Club Championship results

Division 1 Men’s Singles – Winner: Andrew Osmond 6/2, 6/1; Runner up: Brian Williams

Division 1 Men’s Doubles – Winners: Craig Louis and Brian Williams 6/7, 6/3, 6/1; Runners up: Dale Martin and Andrew Osmond

Barry Wilson. Photo: Peter Hardin. 160917PHB064

Barry Wilson. Photo: Peter Hardin. 160917PHB064

Division 1 Mixed Doubles – Winners: Craig Louis and Jodie Moore 4/6, 6/4, 6/4; Runners up: Dale Martin and Emily Osmond

Division 1 Ladies Singles – Winner: Jodie Moore 6/0, 4/6, 7/5; Runner up: Emily Osmond

Division 1 Ladies Doubles – Winners: Emily and Annette Osmond 7/5, 6/3; Runners up: Jodie Moore and Steph Eveleigh

Division 2 Ladies Singles – Winner: Jess Moore 7/6, 6/3; Runner up: Amanda White

Division 2 Ladies Doubles – Winners: Jess and Isabelle Moore 6/4, 6/3; Runners up: Amanda White and Sophie Carter

Division 2 Mixed Doubles – Winners: Robert and Amanda White 6/1, 6/2; Runners up: Barry and Jess Moore

Division 2 Men’s Singles – Winner: Steve Betts 6/2, 6/2; Runner Up: Paul Sheedy

Division 2 Men’s Doubles – Winners: Adam King and Tim O’Gorman 6/0, 6/1; Runners up: Richard Percy and Paul Sheedy

14 and under mixed doubles – Winners: Lachlan Moore and Maya Gallagher 6/4, 6/4; Runners up: Ben Eveleigh and Lucy Gainsford

12/14 and under girls doubles – Winners: Chloe Dorrington and Anna Bishop 6/4, 6/4; Runners up: Maya Gallagher and Lucy Gainsford

14 and under girls singles – Winner: Shaylee Martin 6/2, 6/2; Runner up: Lucy Gainsford

14 and under boys singles – Winner: Logan Dries 6/0, 6/1; Runner up: Hudson Dries

12 and under boys singles – Winner: Vitorio Sardinha 6/2, 6/0; Runner up: Nathan Moore

12 and under boys doubles – Winners: Vitorio Sardinha and Connor Budden 6/2, 6/0; Runner up: Hugh Kennedy and Callan Gibson

12 and under mixed doubles – Winners: Vitorio Sardinha and Isabelle Moore 6/1, 6/0; Runners up: Connor Budden and Anna Bishop

12 and under girls singles – Winner: Anna Bishop 6/4, 6/4; Runner up: Isabelle Moore

10 and under mixed doubles – Winners: Lucas Sardinha and Mia Wilkinson 6/2, 7/5; Runners up: Mason and Armani Louis

10 and under girls doubles – Winners: Brigid and Erin Murphy 6/3, 6/2; Runners up: Holly and Daisy Sheedy

10 and under boys doubles – Winners: Mason Louis and Lucas Sardinha 6/1, 6/2; Runners up: Lincoln Budden and Matt McInnes

10 and under girls singles – Winner: Mia Wilkinson 6/1, 6/1; Runner up: Erin Murphy

10 and under boys singles – Winner: Mason Louis 6/0, 6/2; Runner up: Lucas Sardinha

Major awards at presentation

NVI Player of the Year: Andrew Osmond

Dr Lundie Participation and Fairness: Annie Riley

Arthur Turner Rookie of the Year: Cooper Wilkinson

Junior Rookie of the Year: Vitorio Sardinha

Spirit of Tennis: Ian Gardner

Les Worboys Memorial Award for Services to Tennis: Ashley Gardner