Letters to the editor: Tuesday, September 5

GRATITUDE: One letter writer is urging the community to look after the health and well-being of local doctors.
GRATITUDE: One letter writer is urging the community to look after the health and well-being of local doctors.

Doctor gratitude

Recently I have read a few comments condemning the hard-working Gunnedah Doctors for not supporting the Gunnedah Rural Health centre.

I would like those people to take a big breath, and think for a few minutes…

The Doctors and staff at both private Doctors practices are all very dedicated people who are working extremely long hours, even before the closure of the Rural Health practice and are now working even longer hours and are having to deal with some very rude people. We must look after the health and well-being of these hard working dedicate people or Gunnedah will be in an even worse position. Most people expect to have a healthy work / private-family life balance, these dedicated people appear to have put this aside for the good of the Gunnedah Community.

So please, think before being so critical and put yourself in their position.

Well done Gunnedah Doctors and their staff, here is one Community member behind you all.

Narelle Williamson.


Sam-sex marriage vote 

Exactly what are we voting on? Why are we voting on it? What will be the possible outcomes? Questions are being asked everyday and more so now we have the attempt to change the Marriage Act to accommodate Same Sex Couples. The issues will not be legally settled with this vote, only a referendum will make a change legal. My first point is why have this vote when it has no legal recognition or ability to change the Marriage Act. Same -Sex relationships Act eliminated any remaining discriminations between SS couples and hetero couples. Civil partnerships are available to them as they are to every Australian. 

This push to change the definition of marriage of between a Man and a Woman has consequences that have not been spoken of freely, people who seek quiet debate have been harassed, by the SSM movement. 

Before you vote I ask you to research the consequences that have arisen in the USA and Canada by allowing a Yes result. People have been fired from their jobs for disagreeing with outcomes from the changes in the laws. Parents of children up for adoption have no say where the child is placed, and the child's biological attachment is removed, forever, never can the child know or find it's biological parent(s). 

The removal of gender means that there is no 'Boy' there is no 'Girl', it has been replaced with gender fluidity. The marriage certificate removed the Man and Woman to be Party 1 and Party 2.

Please research this prior to the vote on Same Sex Marriage. For all heterosexual couples that are married with children it is your duty to be 100% informed on all areas of this possible changes to your life forever. 

Carmel Metcalf,


Joyce will prevail

I derive a satisfaction by expressing my views on paper, to people such as yourselves of the current political upheaval, ie dual citizenship. 

The Federal Labor party will go to any length to endeavour to denegrade the “elected government of the day” and procure the tenure of the government. Shorten and his cabinet are the coup d’etat specialists, however they will not prevail.

How gullible do the Labor government think that Australians are? The intelligent Aussie does not accept this issue by Labor as clever, it’s downright despicable.

If the High Court in their wisdom consider the dual citizen act be appropriate in the case of the Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England – so be it.

When the by-election of NE (if it comes to pass) you can be assured the electorate will endorse the MP Barnaby Joyce, with a greater majority and will be in the Federal Cabinet, again as Deputy PM.

Greg Daly, Limbri


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