Letters to the editor: Wednesday, August 9

NOT ON: One letter writer says the impacts of the NSW Government’s announcement on the Shenhua Watermark coal mine exploration area buyback are "frightening".
NOT ON: One letter writer says the impacts of the NSW Government’s announcement on the Shenhua Watermark coal mine exploration area buyback are "frightening".

Buyback of the Shenhua exploration licence area

I wish to clarify the NSW Government’s announcement re the Shenhua Watermark coal mine exploration area buyback.

The proposed mine is the same mine, same place, same size, same destructive impacts. These impacts, being to the ground and surface water, the dust, the salt, the precious koalas and of course the significant Indigenous sacred sites.

The impacts are identical to that of the original licence. It is frightening the severe lack of understanding these impacts pose.

Effectively NOTHING HAS CHANGED, except the Government has forked out $262 million dollars of taxpayer money to Shenhua for the exploration area they were never going to mine, including the Breeza State Forest.

Shenhua can now mine without virtually paying for their Exploration Licence. We have written to the Premier for an explanation.

Governments make appalling decisions from time to time. Unfortunately, this is perhaps one of the most disgraceful, ill-informed announcement a government could put forward.

Susan Lyle, Caroona Coal Action Group

Same-sex marriage

How dare a former Opposition Leader, John Hewson contradict the quiet, silent but established majority who already prior to last federal election had already unequivocally stated our alarm at having same-sex, so-called marriage foist upon us, without the chance to have our say!  

We were promised a plebiscite but through the intransigence of the Opposition, plus some “white anting” on the part of some rogue government and cross-bench members, the will of the People is in danger of being thwarted.

Under what sort of agenda would a past leader ridicule supporters of traditional family relationships, calling us “dissidents” and dismiss such an issue as “not-top-of-the–mind“ – well not as important as whether we’ll vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee - unless he favours destroying the morality of Australian culture?    

It is not the silent majority, but rather the strident gay lobby, not satisfied with equal inheritance and taxation laws and all the inclusion they have achieved that is intent upon destabilising the community by “safe schools” for gender confusion and corruption of innocent minds from infancy …that wants this same-sex marriage oxymoron!

Can we trust our politicians to preserve our society, God-fearing or not? Our current leader only needs such egregious support as Dr Hewson’s as an excuse to renege on his party’s promise of a Plebiscite – in whatever legitimate form it might take.

Gerald Bartlett, Gunnedah

An Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull 

When your Coalition meets to discuss the proposed redefinition of marriage, can I encourage you to take into account the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? 

In this public debate we have heard a lot of noise regarding the 'basic human right to marry'. But we don't seem to hear much about the basic human right of a child to their birth parents, that is their father and mother, enshrined as it is in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly Articles 7, 8, 9 and 10. 

We hear much about gender equality - in parliament, in sporting codes and the workplace - but little regarding the significance of gender equality in the nuclear family. Now why would that be? 

Further, we hear a lot about how 'nothing else is going to change because of this'. Thankfully we have the Safe Schools programme showing us precisely where all this is headed, and I'm not sure it's a great place. 

Mr Turnbull, please bear these things in mind, exercise your leadership, and do what is right not only in terms of our rights but our responsibilities. 

Gus Batley, Tamworth


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