Hybrid system delivers with three-in-one

Ajust-a-bar in action.
Ajust-a-bar in action.

A fresh, innovative concept has people re-thinking their efficiency in cultivation control.

Ajust-a-bar was released at the Henty Field Days and so far the customer reaction has been staggering, according to director Nigel Martin.

He said the concept is three machines in one.

“The Ajust-a-bar has merged core aspects of separate tillage implements to create a hybrid system of disc chains, speed tillers and offset discs,” he said.

“This unique, one-size-fits-all design has gained significant interest for its low running costs and exceptional in-paddock results.”

For months several Ajust-a-bar prototype models have been turning soil in various locations and terrain across the country.

“These pioneering machines have allowed Ajust-a-bar to witness their successes and specifically pinpoint, areas for improvement,” Mr Martin said.

“Across this six-month trial period, two major issues presented themselves and have been rectified.”

The issues were addressed with new custom-designed, Australian-made gang rams.

“These rams allow farmers to alter the pressure applied to the disc gangs to suit their needs to about 500psi per gang ram, a relatively low pressure in hydraulic terms yet enabling down pressure on gangs and having ‘stump jump’ ability,” Mr Martin said.

He said the ability to alter pressure, depth and angle puts Ajust-a-bar in a league of its own when exploring cultivation technologies.

“Ajust-a-bar’s system of accumulator rams and angle alteration allows every paddock to be cultivated the way it should be; without an entire fleet of different soil turning machines,” he said.

Ajust-a-bar will be on dislpay at Ag-Quip Site Y-Z36 or visit www.ajustabar.com.au.