Editorial | Budding gardeners take on war on waste

WHAT a blooming great idea. 

A young Gunnedah woman is leading the charge to create what is believed to be the town’s first community garden.

Mother-of-one Lucy Doubleday is hoping to create a communal space that the public can go to plant herbs, vegetables and fruit for everyone to share. 

The garden will do things: help bring the community together through a shared project, and help teach younger generations healthy and sustainable habits.

It’s an amazing initiative that would go a long way to fostering community engagement if it’s done right. 

Green thumb or not, there is a great sense of accomplishment when you can plate up a dish using produce you’ve grown yourself. 

Self satisfaction aside, it’s also a huge win for the environment as we look to further the war on waste. 

So much of the produce we buy in supermarkets is packaged up using plastic. 

If we can get to a stage where at least some of that is reduced by growing our own, then we’ve got nothing to lose. 

The plan was put before council at its June meeting. 

It was resolved that staff would help Miss Doubleday and other interested stakeholders to secure an appropriate site. 

Miss Doubleday said she was happy to take on the initial upkeep of the communal garden, but hoped more community members would get involved down the track so it became a shared responsibility. 

That’s where we come in. 

To get this project off the ground, we need to work together. 

The idea would be to grow different herbs and vegetables that eventually the public can all share. Miss Doubleday pitches it as a pay it forward initiative. 

We should do all we can to help get this garden growing.

If you know of a possible site for it, have some cuttings that could be donated or can lend some time, make it known. 

Miss Doubleday and Gunnedah Shire Council should be applauded for driving this project. 

It has the ability to provide a hobby for community members of all ages and bring the town together. If you can help out with ideas or materials, or would like more information, email Miss Doubleday at  lucy@inspiredhealth.net.au.

It’s time we all start being that little bit more environmentally conscious.


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