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LOOKING BACK: A Victorian man is calling on information on Breaker Morant's time in Gunnedah.
LOOKING BACK: A Victorian man is calling on information on Breaker Morant's time in Gunnedah.

Breaker Morant 

I am researching Breaker Morant with a view to updating a publication that I published in 2002. I am writing to your paper in the hope that you will publish my request for information regarding Morant’s time in Gunnedah.

I am aware that Morant is memorialised in Kitchener Park where there is mention of the famous Australian jumper “Rattler” and its owner R. R. Pritchard, Morants’ time at Pullaming Station and that he broke “Rattler.”

What I am trying to do is to validate those facts. It is unknown for what period Morant was at Pullaming Station or in fact when, except to say in the 1890’s. Did he break “Rattler?” Any information about Morant in Gunndeah would be greatly appreciated and attributed.

The writer can be contacted at tedrobl57@gmail.com or at 6 Abdallah Road Seymour Victoria 3660. 

Ted Robl, 


Adani coal mine

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has put forward his support for the Adani coal mine in Queensland which will be this Country's largest with 6 open pits and up to 5 long wall operations.

Mr. Joyce's  article quoted the mine creating 10000 direct and indirect jobs whereas the Adani web site has "4000 people is anticipated" due to the high degree of mechanisation to be adopted.

In support of Adina Mr. Joyce speaks of Adani purchasing $70m. worth of rail line from the Whyalla Steel Works for their 398km. line to a coastal port. All this is dependant upon the Federal Government offering Adani a concessional loan of $1b. To construct the line. If there is no loan then there will be no rail line, that is the Australian tax payer to provide the loan funds. Should the line be constructed and owned by Adani then other miners will be charged by Adani making them a nice profit.

Mr. Joyce further states that Australia is on track to meet its 2020 emission target. But any target here will be neutralised by Adani exporting up to 60m tonne per year of low grade coal to there proposed 7 coal powered electricity stations.

India is a signature to the Paris Agreement on emission reduction which their Prime Minister said will be met by reducing their dependency upon coal. This places in doubt Adani gaining an import licence from their government.

Mr. Joyce claims that Adani mine is a wonderful employment opportunity as well as benefit to the national economy. This faith is not held by 19 world financial bodies as well as our four major banks due to the ever declining demand for coal and therefore huge investments in coal extraction could leave the financial institution with a stranded asset.

The Adani project is for 60 years of operation. The Queensland Government proposes an uncapped groundwater extraction licence expiring in 2077, as well Adani proposes a 10gigalitre dam on the Suttor River. Rehabilitation of the already mined areas will not commence until the 39 year.

It is hard to see why the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Mr. Joyce, can stand in support of Adani when he should be aware of the thousands  hectares of farm land and water reserves being removed for the Nation's natural resources.



NBN or bust 

Recent articles in newspapers indicate an explosion of complaints about PM Turnbull’s version of the NBN. Businesses are suffering and people are complaining of limited reliability, slow operations and frequent dropouts. We saw how the NBN handled the census overload where it took weeks to enter the required data. The result was that the government decided not to punish people who were late or didn’t participate.

Jay Nauss & Glen Aplin, QLD


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