Historic Gunnedah koala sightings needed

Koala researchers are trying to establish a history of koala settlement in Gunnedah, and are looking for historic koala stories.

Gunnedah people recently heard the latest about koala research in the area from University of Sydney researchers at a Gunnedah’s Project Koala public meeting.

Koala expert Dan Lunney, from the Office of Environment and Heritage, said it would be valuable to hear any stories or see any documents that related to koala sightings in the district from pioneer settlement up until about the 1980s.

Dr Lunney said there were few koala sightings reported in the Gunnedah region until they became a less unusual sight in the 1980s.

The meeting heard from Associate Professor Matthew Crowther, who said the University of Sydney researchers were studying rehabilitation of landscape using the latest advances in koala ecology.

The team is studying the koala population in eight localities throughout Gunnedah. 

If you have documentation of koalas, news clippings, photos, or stories told to you about koalas in the region, you can join Gunnedah’s Project Koala on Facebook, or send them to marie.low@fairfaxmedia.com.au.