Your weekly horoscope

Your week in the stars

By Alison Moroney

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

You are in a fabulous stage for furthering your education, defining your goals and pushing forward on your career path, as you are now in a practical, balanced and open frame of mind during November 4 to November 18. You can make the most of developments on November 4, 5 to capitalise on these trends.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21

Your career may not be moving in the direction you like at the moment. However, an opportunity to improve this situation, possibly through travel, further education, or sound legal advice, will help stabilise the situation during November 4 to November 18. Make the most of it on November 4, 5 to implement important changes.

GEMINI May 22 – June 22  

During the fourteen days to November 18, 2017, the steadying influences on your relationship are common goals and interests that bring a touch of excitement into your life. There is a willingness to make constructive changes to your partnerships, whether business or personal. This is a continuation in trends that began 12 months ago.

CANCER Jun 23 – Jul 23 

There are many interesting developments around your career during the fourteen days from November 4, allowing a more practical expression of your creative talents and work skills. This trend could unexpectedly take you in a new direction, broadening your horizons and stabilising these interests. May 2017 was important in some way to current events.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23

The period between November 4 and November 18 is an excellent one for furthering academic and legal success, as well as in broadening your horizons to include foreign and interstate vistas. Best dates are November 4, 5. Steady progress can be assured through innovative measures. This is the final sequence in events that began 12 months ago.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

Your home life seems to have a balancing influence on other aspects of your life during the remaining part of 2016, enabling you to make important changes, especially on November 4, 5. This is a time of financial advancement, particularly through property interests. Connected events occurred previously during December 2016 and May 2017.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23  

Libran natives have the opportunity to introduce progressive changes during what is left of 2017, following steps previously taken late last year and in May 2017. Things should finally be falling into place. These trends affect partnerships, marriage, money and daily life. Your ideas are innovative during these times but are also practical and realisable.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22 

Current events will certainly change the course of your life during the months ahead, as a steadying influence operates around your financial situation and working life. You can make the most of the current trends on November 4, 5, triggering developments over the next fourteen days. These trends capitalise on work and pay opportunities from late last year and May 2017.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21 

You are steadier within yourself during the fourteen days from November 4, despite the changes that are being initiated. You’ll be taking advantage of further related opportunities that occurred in December 2016 and last May, bringing significant changes to your living conditions. November 4, 5 highlights current opportunities.


Whilst there are a number of surprises that may take you by storm this month, your domestic situation is steadier and will influence the pace of developments. November 4, 5, are earmarked for important progress, capitalising on trends that began 12 months ago and were once again highlighted in May 2017. You’ll tend to play your cards close your chest.


You will be redefining your goals and responsibilities during the fourteen days from November 4, enabling you to make important changes to your life, so that it is more manageable. Important dates are November 4, 5, triggering a chain of events. This is also a socially active period, when collaborative efforts will help you to achieve your goals.


The middle two weeks of November is a time when you should be able to restructure your career or life path without too many negative side effects. November 4, 5, highlight important issues associated with this trend.  Pisces will see conditions settling after changes were set in motion twelve months ago, and which were once again highlighted last May.

About Alison

With more than thirty years of experience in astrology, Alison is a published author, professional astrologer, freelance journalist, archaeologist, and archaeoastronomer. 

Her syndicated astrological columns and feature articles have regularly reached more than 1,000,000 people across Australia and New Zealand during this time, primarily through the Rural Press group (Fairfax Media), including such newspapers as The Canberra Times, Newcastle Star, Launceston Examiner, Tamworth’s Northern Daily Leader, Ballarat Courier, Armidale Express, Orange’s Central Western Daily, and the Blue Mountain Gazette.  Alison also had regular radio segments that ran for more than three years during the early 2000s: ABC Wide Bay’s Crystal Ball Talkback and 4TAB’s weekly Tips from the Stars.  Her star columns also previously featured on SBS’s 24/7 website in association with the TV series of the same name, as well as on several international websites.